Hotel IC card energy saving switch, IC power saver - H-IC1


IC card take electric switches equipped with IC (SLE4442) designed card take electricity, other CARDS or pieces are unable to take electricity, effectively achieve rooms energy-saving. Intelligent take installed electric switches in the guest room doorway side walls, when when the guest check in, guest room card thrust (opens door) card is inserted into the take electric switches, in the room the total power of the guest room and connect, electrical equipment (lighting, air conditioning, television, etc) can use; When guests leave the room, guest room card (without taking open card), power saving switch delay in 15 seconds, can be automatic power saving also can make room electricity safer. Again, just to power again inserting the card can.

Product features

1, special take electrical design

Only through insert special CARDS to reach take electricity, to realize with the card is open the door and take electricity.

2, blinking LED indicator design

Shine LED indicator light design, accord with modern hotel guests fashion and nighttime operations.

3, delay without electricity design

When guests leave the room door, take after total power, guest room card can be automatically delay 15 seconds more humanized party guests, disconnect the also can use electricity safer.

Product standards and certification

This product is GB16915.1-2003, according to the international GB16915.2-2003 request design and production, and its various performance indicators are complying with CE certification requirements, FCC.

Technical parameters

Working voltage: 110V or 220VAC (5V, 12V d., other voltage can be customized)

Maximum load current: 30A

Maximum load power: 6600W

Static job power: 1W leds

Delay time: 15 seconds designated power

Not working condition: light is red

Longevity: relay contacts in 220V full load, life is more than 10 million times

Working temperature: - 10 ℃ - 60 ℃

Work humidity: 10-95% RH

Envelop dimensions: W85mm * H85mm * D45mm

Shell material: imported fire retardant PC plastics

Shell color: standard white, can be customized according to the customer demand other colors


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