hotel doorbell system, room no switch - H-LR401S


Product description:


• special touch the doorbell design, no need to consider the bell service life

• LED LCD display, room number by printing type technology, shorten the production cycle, but artificially error correction

• stainless steel outer frame design, don't wear

• ABS fire retardant materials, improves using security




Designed for the hotel room of the hotel designed addresses doorbell, 1 road normal show "don't disturb" and 1 road "please namely clear instructions, capacitive touch screen," doorbell switch can completely replace traditional mechanical doorbell switch. When guest host don't want to be disturbed, press room "do not disturb" switch, the doorbell display "do not disturb" indicator light, touch the doorbell button the doorbell not ring,

l         Press room "do not disturb" switch, touch screen "do not disturb" design backlighting be lighted, hints at please do not bother, touch the doorbell doesn't work, in the room the doorbell not ring.

l         Press room "please namely cleaning" switch, touch screen "please namely cleaning" design backlighting be lighted, tip room to clean up, let the waiters very clearly know room to clean up the requests.


Technical parameters:




The product model: H-LR401S


Working voltage: AC220V) / Weak (DC12V) 


Since the consumption of power: 0.01 W


Longevity: touch infinite times use, relay contacts 10 million times


Work humidity: 0-95%


Working temperature: - 15 - 60


Installation standard: 86 bottom box


Envelop dimensions:D152mm


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