Hotel room no. doorbell system, signage - H-LR501S


Product Description:


• special touch the doorbell design, it is unnecessary to consider the bell service life

• digital tube can be automatically set room number shows, room number

• color white, golden, silver or customer specify

• ABS fire retardant materials, improves using security



1 and when the guests want to clean the room, in your room, please press the "clean" switch, door with cleaning sign ChangLiang, waiter see mark lamp to room timely tips is clean, ding-dong doorbell in working conditions;

2, when the guests want to rest or other activities, simply don't want to be disturbed in a room, press the "do not disturb" switch, the signs in take not faze logo lamp ChangLiang, suggests that the others do not disturb, server itself locked, when even touch the doorbell trigger press the doorbell switch, inside the room doorbell also won't ringing.

Because ding-dong doorbell a trigger equipment, can no longer hold touch screen to trigger the ding-dong doorbell, is required to trigger the doorbell point start touch screen.

Room set

Put through power supply, first press B, an figures in the key, then press A button wingtips digital adjustment, each pushing A button is A digital display for increased once, until you need Numbers, click on the B keys, digital moved forward A and flashing, press A button adjustment digital repeat above operation, until all digital, finally adjust press the B keys, digital pipe display "-- -" later, automatic save your Settings.








Working voltage: AC220V) / Weak (DC12V) 


Since the consumption of power: 0.01 W


Longevity: touch infinite times use, relay contacts 10 million times


Work humidity: 0-95%


Working temperature: - 15 - 60


Installation standard: 86 bottom box


Envelop dimensions: 85 * 85 * 41mm


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