HX-1402B Wireless Hotel Doorbell System

Model no.: HX-1402B
In-room Use
Functions: Don't disturb, Make up room, Door bell built-in
Wireless Touch Screen Doorbell System
No wires between out-room switch and in-room switch
  1. Touch control
  2. Energy saving
  3. Quick & easy installation
  4. LED backlight for easy night use
  5. Modern design
  6. Easy clean
  7. Concealed fixing screws  
Technical parameters:
  1. Operating voltage: 220V±10%/110V±10%(50Hz)
  2. Operating humidity: 0-90%RH
  3. Wiring: neutral wire, live wire ONLY
  4. Life:100,000 times at least
  5. Warranty: 2 years
  6. CE&ROHS certified
LED backlight displayer, imported touch screen, noble and elegant;
The quality of original sound doorbell is clear and melodious.
Prompt guest available in the room.
No special requirements for wiring-used ordinary power cord
When the exclusively designed "DND" light is open, the doorbell never sounds, so as to lift guests' troubles, leave guests more personal space, and improve service quality.
LED backlight displayer, lights indication is clear at a glance, conducive to the identification at night, in line with modern trends.
The unique dark backlit touch design and extra-large LCD screen help the guests clearly operate the touch screen under any light; simple, elegant exterior design in Western European style, as the first choice of star hotels, guesthouses.
Built-in overload protection, in stable and reliable performance, programmable and controllable computer chip, Three -in-one touch screen electronic doorplate intelligent interlock instructions for "DND","clean room", "bell", very personalized, for easy indoor and outdoor communication.
luxury design, ABC + PC flame-retardant insulation material, surface UV varnish treatment, durable.
Applicable to hotels, guesthouses, apartments, conference rooms, etc, with comfortable and unique intelligent sound and signal prompt, increasing modern charms for the rooms, and effectively improving room re-visit rate.
E-doorplate, three-in-one doorbell, four-in-one doorbell, big room number doorbell, disc big room number doorbell
Crystal glass panel, Crystal clear
Metal frame: Pearl chrome/Brushed NKL/Brushed gold/ Mirror chrome/Mirror gold/Pearl NKL
Plastic frame: Golden/ Silver-gray/ Coffee color/White/Diamond black
Dimension: 86*86*40mm (deepness 35mm)
Installation The standard installation of 86 box:( deepness:50mm)


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