Hotel Dimmer Switch, Intelligent Touch Panel


Model no.: H-DA22S

One gang dimmer switch, Intelligent touch panel

Exclusive patent, in design of extra-large LCD touch screen,luxurious and beautiful
LED backlit touch resulting in room state control
Built-in overload protection, in stable and reliable performance, programmable and controllable computer chip, with function of one-key master switch off of all lights
Luxurious appearance design, ABS + PC flame-retardant insulation materials and pure metals are optional
A power failure, EPROM can permanently save the parameters set by the user
Low power consumption, power-saving
Applicable to hotels, guest houses, factories, office building, household...
Household high-end touch screen switch, household dedicated touch screen switch, household touch screen switch

Operating voltage: 220V±10% ( 50HZ )
Operating temperature: 0℃~50℃
Operating Humidity: 0~90%RH
Environment: transport and storage temperature range -20℃~80℃
Life: Key pushed for 100,000 times, the relay contacts for 100,000 times
Transmission distance: 400W
Installation: installation of Standard 86 back shell, center distance of set screws: 60mm
Overall Dimensions: 86*86*40mm (deepness 35mm)
The height of back shell: The standard installation of 86 box:( deepness:50mm)
Connection mode: Live line, neutral, earth wire


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