Wireless guestroom electronic doorplate, Hotel Doorbell System


Wireless guestroom electronic doorplate, Wireless Hotel Doorbell System for high star hotels.

Luxury hotel electronic room number plate to enhance hotel image.

It includes outdoor panel, indoor panle, doorbell built inside, AP relay system, guestroom online status software.

It has hidden guest-in function: if the card is in energy saver, Doorbell led will be on, so only housekeeper can only if guest is in room, this is to protect guest privacy.

It checks room online status such as Guest in room? Clean is needed? DND is being on? by software at reception desk or by APP on phone. No need for housekeeper to go to each room to check.
It also shows digital room number for each room, counts how much time guest stays in room and how many/which rooms need Clean or DND.

These features make up the disadvantages of standalone locks.



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